Ed Gillespie Molested Who?

Bill Clinton's Southern Strategy is to reach for this women's ass only after the photo is snapped. As an aside, as they say. But, yes, that's Ed Gillespie on the right there with another kind of dick army geez never mind... PS I'm guessing Tony Robbins and Mary Matalin

I HEARD SOMEWHERE that Ed Gillespie of the Romney campaign did some terrible terrible things at some point in his life. I can’t say for a fact, you know, where I heard it, or saw it written or whatever, but I think it was somewhere, and I can’t say when but it was maybe FOX NEWS; something about exposing himself to schoolchildren or belying an interest in doing so, or merely explaining his past behavior by implying many people he knows, or even that the candidate he supports in this silly horse race has exposed himself to schoolchildren or whatever.

I don’t know all the facts.

I can’t be expected to keep track of everything.

All I know is I heard somewhere, someone else said they had heard that someone had seen an article, or heard on the internet, or, NO, I think someone told them on the light rail…

Ed Gillespie molested who?

was their response to what they heard. I can say with some certainty they clearly said WHO, not WHAT so that’s good.

I keep thinking it was FOX. Dunno why.

Ed Gillespie, a senior adviser to presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, on Sunday fended off accusations that his boss had only made Sunday morning appearances on Fox News.

“Do you think we’re ever going to see him on one of these Sunday morning interview shows?” CBS host Bob Schieffer asked Gillespie. “I know he does Fox but we’d love to have him sometime as would [NBC's] Meet the Press and would the ABC folk.”

“You know, Bob, the fact is that we’re going to take our message to the American people,” Gillespie explained. “You saw him talking to schoolchildren last week giving a speech on education reform.”

He added: “And I have great respect for the [Sunday morning] shows and I’m proud to be with you today. But the fact is how we get our message to the American people and covey that to the voters, you know, we’ll have to consider a number of options in that regard and I’m sure the Sunday shows are one of them.”

“Well, I know the school children were always happy to see him,” Schieffer quipped. “But I want to make sure he knows we would be happy to see him too.”

“I’ll carry that back to Boston,” Gillespie replied.

The people to whom Gillespie reports, that have tasked him to babysit The Placard, the thinktanks that control every gesture and movement of said puppeteer and marionette… mixing metaphors i know but

A candidate that categorically will not appear before assembled media, cannot answer the simplest of questions regarding policy, has no clear principles or adamant passionate expressions of commitment to the enormity of The Office…

He’s Our Man

Or as Ed Gillespie might express, “I can’t say for certain the President knew, or when he knew, or if he knew and forgot, or if remembering is something the President thinks he can do but actually isn’t up to the task, or that The President and everyone else in the world believes and knows to be true but we intend to obfuscate, or that things The President knows are happening or aren’t happening and why not and what if possibly some of things that may or may not be known by him, well, what if they’re criminal but he does nothing about it, geez, I mean c’mon,” Ed says.

“We better just err on the side of caution on this one.”

Yeah, that’s what Ed says.

another tank a’ gas and back on the road a’gin

How I Love Being A Free Man.

Wonder what Veep Dog they’ll pick that’ll clinch what Ed is saying…


a million poppies gonna make me sleep… but just one rose it knows your name